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What is Duo Health?

Duo Health is a new type of medical group designed around the needs of patients with chronic kidney disease & kidney failure and their physicians.

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Today, over half the patients starting dialysis have not seen a nephrologist in the year before they begin that treatment. Through earlier identification and treatment, many of these patients could have seen their disease progression slowed and kidney failure avoided altogether.

We work with health systems and insurers to identify patients with chronic kidney disease earlier. Once the patient chooses to join Duo, we provide them with the holistic care they need in the setting of their choice, including and meeting you in your home. We work with their existing doctors to ensure everyone involved in their care is informed and mobilized to support the patient’s health and wishes. Our medical group achieves its success from driving better outcomes for patients and nephrology practices alike. Our unique collaboration model with Nephrologists – who are our essential partners in this mission – empowers their practices and supports their transition to value-based care.

We can’t promise to cure a complex system. But we do promise this: with Duo you won’t be alone on your care journey.

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Our vision is that all patients have access to the best possible care. This commitment to health equity is the foundation of our culture and guides every decision we make.

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Duo is a new type of medical group that works collaboratively with patients, nephrologists and other doctors to improve the quality and experience of kidney care and helps people spend more time doing what they love with the people they treasure.
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